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African Women’s Development Fund USA (AWDF USA) was created by the Ghana-based African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), with a coalition of American women leaders, to spread awareness about the tremendous impact of African women-led organizations on communities across the continent.

Networks and Partnerships

AWDF USA is happy to maintain formal and informal partnerships with organizations whose mission, vision, goals, and purpose align with our own. 

Expanding Diasporic Philanthropy

The dominant conversations around philanthropy in Africa tend to focus on Western giving to the continent. These narratives miss the incredible impact that Africans and African-descended people around the world have made and are continuing to make on the continent. AWDF USA wants to highlight and cultivate the role that young Africans throughout the diaspora are playing in philanthropy, on the continent and in the diaspora

Amplifying Voices

African women do inspirational work every day. That is why we strive to document their art and work, and provide them with the tools and platforms to tell their own stories. AWDF USA interprets amplifying African women’s voices as lending visibility to and engaging in dialogue with the creative and intellectual productions of African women. This we accomplish via;
-Social Media Campaigns


Join us by contacting, donating, spreading the word or attending our events.

Help us in advancing the rights of African women and girls